2018 Beach Tournament Schedule

Tournaments for Summer 2018 will be posted in March or April.

Integrity Athletics has 4 lighted outdoor courts allowing teams to play after dark.

You must register as a team. Only one family should create the enrollment request.

EliteVBTC will be hosting a large number of tournaments in the 2017 Summer Season that range in age from 12’s to adults.

Weather Policy

We will have practice, Open Play, or a tournament as long as there is no lightning. If a coach feels that it is raining too hard to be outside, the athletes will either practice inside, or wait inside until the weather has passed. We will email families enrolled if we are going to cancel an event or practice, and we will post cancellations to the Elite Volleyball Training Center Facebook page.

OVR Sanctioned Tournament

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DateAge GroupPrice per TeamCheck-in TimeStart Time

Follow the following steps to register your team:

  • One family should register the team. One family pays the $60. You will need to discuss reimbursement between you and your teammate.
  • We will need the OVR/USA Volleyball numbers for both athletes. Please enter this information in the “Anything Else We Should Know” box before submitting your enrollment. Click Here to complete USA Volleyball Beach Membership.
  • When you submit your request the system will tell you you owe $0.00. Your credit card on file will be charged $60 when our staff has approved your enrollment request.
  • Note: Our courts have lights. The tournaments will continue after dark if needed.