Your time starts when the ball touches your arms on the first pass. Your time ends when your shirt goes completely around your neck. You must use a long sleeved shirt. Please send the video of your exercise to Jackie at including a selfie of your self for your starting line-up video. The total seconds for your exercise will be your score. The team with the lowest total score of the 10 best times will be the winner of the Quaran-Team Battle.

It’s May Madness Time. Here are the rules.

  • The top 4 teams have bye on Monday’s exercise
  • It is a single elimination tournament. Your team will go head to head with another team. The winning team moves on to the next day. The losing team is eliminated.
  • Team Captain still needs to submit the team total by midnight the day of the exercise. Anything submitted after midnight will count as a zero.
  • The winning team wins the following:

The Quaran-Team battle has begun. Each team will submit their totals for each exercise each day. Please submit your total rep count to your team captain. The goal is to perform the exercise correctly but get as many repetitions as possible. Your total repetitions will be added to your team total. Prizes will be awarded.

Team Captains: Please use the link below to submit your totals for the day. If you are submitting for your team, type in “Whole Team” for the athlete name. This must be done before midnight for the submission to count.