Elite Volleyball Training Testimonials

Randy and Jackie,

My daughter made the 8th grade team at her middle school this week. Not only that, but she is the starting setter who will be playing all the way around. This is after not making the 7th grade team. I can’t thank you and the Elite staff enough for helping her learn how to be a volleyball player, but more importantly, showing her how hard work and putting in the time and effort pays off. We’re so proud of her and, as a volleyball lover, I am so glad she fell in love with this sport!

Randy and Jackie,

Thank you for doing what you do. You both have a gift that when shared, creates wonderfully confident, disciplined, and determined girls who grow up understanding how to work as a team and be kind in life, work and play. We feel blessed to have you both on Brian and my “team” of raising our girls to be fantastic people in the world. Thank you.

Randy and Jackie,

Thanks for everything you’ve done for Abby and helping her get recruited at Marquette.  She is a junior now and has been to Europe, California, and is now in Hawaii!  She is seeing the world, working hard at volleyball, experiencing life, and getting a great Catholic education surrounded by great coaches and many wonderful and talented athletes and friends.  Just thinking about you and wanted to let you know how grateful we are and how much we appreciate you!

Randy, Jackie and Staff

We want to take this time and commend you on your organization and the programs that you offer. The experience for us, so far,  has been exceptional.  We truly appreciate the time that you and your coaches dedicate into developing young athletes. From the first day we introduced our daughter to Elite we have felt very comfortable and impressed. She has improved a great deal in the short time with Elite and we are confident that she will continue to get the instruction she needs to become a competitive player regardless of her skill set.   Your mission statement ‘strives to encourage and prepare young people to reach their highest potential in athletics and in life’ is evident by the interactions you and your team have with each student, showing equal respect, regardless of the skill set. We will continue to enroll her in your programs and support you 100%. Thank you for all that you do.

Randy and Jackie,

I just wanted to send my heartfelt thanks for believing in my daughter and teaching her so much about Volleyball over the past year. She has grown leaps and bounds and I am so proud of her and thankful to you both. Last year, she did not make her Middle School 7th grade team, but you and your wonderful team at Elite worked with her and believed in her and I am proud to say she made the 8th grade team, YEA! She is super excited to have the opportunity to play for her school, which is really competitive. We are so thankful to be part of the Elite family. Your team works with these athletes to makes them stronger on and off the court. You are teaching them so much, even beyond the game. How to stay healthy, how to fight, how to be a team player, how to be a leader and how to become a better volleyball player and athlete. Thank you, thank you.I am sure we will see you soon, as we will continue to get her up there to continue her growth and then of course for tryouts in hopes to stay with the Elite family, because we really can’t see her anywhere else. I know you all put in a lot of hours of the gym, but please know that you really are helping change these athletes lives.
My Heartfelt Thanks,
Ellen Conti

“I feel that I was better prepared for the college game then any other player on my college team. Elite prepared me for the speed of the collegiate game and I am glad I learned to play multiple positions.”

Ellen Conti Tennessee Tech University 2011,
New Comer of the Year OCC

Haley Benson

“I feel Elite prepared me for the intensity of college practice. I am expected to perform well in practice and in games.”

Haley Benson, 2011 Ball State University

Ava Cramp

“Having access to Elite for extra work is priceless, I’m in college now and I find myself coming home from break to do extra reps. Elite prepared me mentally to strive for more.”

Ava Cramp, 2011 Northeastern University

“Elite is more of a competitive atmosphere, even the drills are more like team play, not just reps. The weight room is priceless, I wish I would have taken it more serious. Elite thank you for pushing me to be better.”

Julia Mindlina 2011, Eastern Kentucky University

“Elite is a great environment. Elite pushed me and taught me individually as well as my team. In short, Elite strives for high standards and kept me accountable so I could achieve my goals.”

Kayleigh Sutherland 2011, Mars Hill College