Elite Volleyball Training Center, as of July 12, 2022, has teamed up with League One Volleyball (LOVB). This new relationship will take our club to the next level. LOVB plans to lay the foundation to launch the best professional volleyball league in the world in the near future. Randy and Jackie have decided to create this partnership because of LOVB’s passion to empower women to grow in the game of volleyball and in life. Their model of creating a “Skies the limit,” mentality for our athletes will help your athlete grow in more ways than she can imagine.

“Joining with League One Volleyball will not change the family-based atmosphere we have created, but it will give EliteVBTC athletes access to a centralized college recruiting coordinator, added business growth for the club, Master Coach training for our coaches, and an overall company mindset that revolves around only volleyball,” said Randy Cline owner and founder of EliteVBTC.

League One Volleyball will be introducing a Professional Volleyball League here in the United States. LOVB believes that to build a strong professional league, community-level club support is critical. We are excited about the many ways that professional volleyball can give back to our club program both on and off the court. LOVB sees Elite Volleyball Training Center and the city of Columbus providing an essential role in that process of building the Professional Volleyball scene in America. It is entirely conceivable that, soon, it will be common to see Olympic and professional players coming in & out of our gym, serving as in-person role models helping create the next generation of champions.

This partnership will not change any of the day-to-day operation your athlete has been used to seeing for the past 15 years at EliteVBTC. Randy and Jackie are still operating Elite Volleyball Training Center. Our coaches and teams will be able to learn from the best coaches and former players in the industry. Randy and Jackie will now have the backing and expertise to provide avenues to continue to help volleyball grow in Ohio.

This new partnership will change our relationship with Integrity Athletics. Our company will no longer fall under the umbrella of Integrity Athletics, but we will now operate under EliteVBTC LLC.

We will continue to use Iclasspro as our registration system. All your athlete’s enrollments and information has transferred from the old system to the new system. However, your payment method that was on file did not. If you athlete plans to attend any services soon, please make sure to log in to update that credit card on file.

Below you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding this new partnership with LOVB

What is LOVB?

League One Volleyball will be the first professional volleyball league that is creating a clear club-to-pro path in the USA

Website: League One Volleyball (www.lovb.com)

How does LOVB benefit our club/our families?

* A pathway to career opportunities at the pro level for the first time in the U.S.

* Stronger relationships with colleges, to provide better recruiting and scholarship opportunities.

* A proprietary, holistic training program with increased educational and developmental programs, including sport psychology, physical health, and mindfulness support.

* Access to expert coaches across clubs, including renowned coach for the US & Dutch National Teams, Jamie Morrison.

* Mentorship and networking with pro players

* A scholarship foundation to increase access to the sport.

What other clubs are part of LOVB?

Elite Volleyball Training Center is one of 26 clubs that have recently joined the LOVB club community. See the Complete List: www.lovb.com/#clubs

We couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds for our athletes at Elite Volleyball Training Center. Working with League One Volleyball will allow us to empower your daughter to become a great woman in this thing called Life. LOVB’s goal of bringing professional volleyball to the U.S. will provide even more opportunities for your athlete. Elite Volleyball Training Center is proud to continue to build the most innovative club program in our region!