Fall Beach Volleyball Training

Elite Volleyball Training Center is offering a Fall Beach Volleyball Training program. The program will be for boys and girls ages 9-14. You can register to train one day per week for $80/month or two days per week at $120/month. These classes cannot be pro-rated.

Start Date: Sunday, October 7
End Date: Sunday, October 28

Cost: $80/month

Training Days: Sundays 4:00pm-6:00pm
(If you register for one day per week, you can come to either class option up to 4 days per month. If you register for the two days per week you can come to all sessions schedule for that month.)

Registration: Use the button below to register online. There are two class options for Fall Beach Training. Choose the class titled, One Day, if you intend to only do one day per week. Choose the class titled, Two Day, if you intend to only do two days per week.

Drop in price: $20

FAQ About Online Registration

Weather Policy

We will have practice, Open Play, or a tournament as long as there is no lightning. If a coach feels that it is raining too hard to be outside, the athletes will either practice inside, or wait inside until the weather has passed. We will email families enrolled if we are going to cancel an event or practice, and we will post cancellations to the Elite Volleyball Training Center Facebook page.