Jim McLaughlin Joins EliteVBTC as a Coaching Consultant

(Plain City, OH) – Integrity Athletics, home to Elite Volleyball Training Center, is proud to announce the addition of Jim McLaughlin to our team as a Volleyball Coaching Consultant.

McLaughlin has coached both Women’s and Men’s collegiate volleyball, and won a NCAA National Title in each. He was the head coach for the USC Trojans Men’s Volleyball Team where they earned a National Title in 1989-1990. He also led the Women’s Volleyball team at the University of Washington to a National Championship in 2005. His 14 years with the Huskies resulted in NCAA national semifinal trips in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2013. After success at these programs, he finished his collegiate coaching career at Notre Dame.

You can learn more about McLaughlin at the following links:

Jim McLaughlin’s 2021 AVCA Hall of Fame Video

Jim McLaughlin’s Wikipedia Page

We are excited to have Jim McLaughlin in the gym as a consultant. He will be helping us develop a curriculum for our coaches that will allow us to progress a young athlete to a collegiate bound athlete. The goal is to help our staff better understand what milestones need to be met at every year of development.

McLaughlin will also be a great resource to our staff as we continue to guide our athletes through the collegiate recruitment process. We have been helping athletes since 2007 find the right college or University to fit her personality, goals, and needs. The goal is to guide EliteVBTC athletes to use volleyball as a tool to become a great adult. To date, Elite Volleyball Training Center has helped earn $15,050,000.00 in scholarships for our athletes. With McLaughlin’s background, his feedback is only going to make that process for each of our athletes better.

With McLaughlin’s help we plan to not only help our athletes better themselves on the court physically, but mentally. His guidance will help our staff with communicating with each athlete to get the most out of each personality. We also plan to use his curriculum to offer Coaches Clinics in the near future to help our volleyball community continue to progress the game to the next level.

Join us in welcoming Jim McLaughlin when you see him in the gym. He will be part of the Elite Volleyball Training Center for the next few months.