Columbus, OH — We are Randy and Jackie Cline, owners of Elite Volleyball Training Center and Integrity Athletics. Integrity Athletics is the facility that is home to Elite Volleyball Training Center and our Gymnastics programs. Yes…we are all one company. This is our thirteenth volleyball season. We want you to understand where we came from and where we are going. We are excited to share our story with you.
Randy Cline is originally from Columbus, OH. He was a strong athlete in any sport he played, but as he finished high school, doors opened for him to play baseball professionally. While playing in the minors in Florida, his buddies introduced him to beach volleyball. When baseball did not look as if it were going to be a promising career, he followed his next love…volleyball. Through connections, he was able to play indoor volleyball for Eckerd College and eventually made his way to Switzerland to play professionally. After Switzerland, he returned to the United States and played for the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour, The EVP Beach Volleyball Tour, and other Professional Beach Tours.

I am originally for Colorado Springs, CO. I played for a high-level volleyball club and represented our country by playing on the USA Youth National Team. Being recruited to play varsity volleyball for The Ohio State University from 2002-2005 was my greatest achievement.

Both Randy and I have always had passion for sharing the game with the next generation even before we met. In 2006 our paths crossed, and it was love at first sight (I’m not kidding, Randy told me he wanted to marry me 2 weeks after we met). We were engaged in 2007, started Elite Volleyball Training Center, and were married in July 2008.

Elite Volleyball Training Center has been part of our family from day one. We even designed our business model and logos to reflect a family-based atmosphere that includes accountability and discipline. Our logo is designed to look like war paint. Cultures have used war paint to prepare mentally for battle along with ensuring each member was connected on the battlefield. It was also used to frighten the enemies. Our “E” ties us all together as we go to war on the volleyball court. Each line represents a different quality or attribute.

  1. Family: We want Elite Volleyball Training Center to feel like home. We want each athlete to walk into the gym excited for the next challenge because she knows that her team and her coaches are behind her through every step. Our staff spends countless hours both on the court training our athletes, but also helping them find colleges to play for. All recruiting coordination is included in your club fees, and Nikki Van Cleave and Randy head up the program personally. Every senior that has graduated from EliteVBTC has had an opportunity to play collegiately. Someone helped me and Randy through this process. We consider it a privilege to help your athlete.
  1. Trust: In any family, trust and accountability make up the foundation. Elite sets expectations for each athlete, and we want her to live up to those expectations both on and off the court. We also want her to keep her teammates accountable. In Volleyball, you are only as good as your team bond. You can have all the best players on the court, but if they do not trust each other, it will be hard to win. Each season we hold classroom sessions on leadership. We want our athletes to use volleyball to become great people in this world, and that starts with becoming great leaders.
  1. Discipline: Volleyball is learned over time with lots and lots of repetition. Each athlete must be disciplined to perform the skill correctly every time. In addition to performing the skill, each athlete must be disciplined enough to follow the game plan, understand the expectations of the coach, and do what is best for the team. These expectations go beyond the boundaries of the court into everyday life for our athletes. They must succeed in school, make good social decisions, and understand that they represent both their family and EliteVBTC in all they do.

Our philosophy is to prepare our athletes to compete at the club, high school, collegiate, and international level. We do this by teaching the most successful and proven techniques in the game today. We have high level teams that travel the United States battling against the best in the nation. We also have classes each week for that athlete that just wants to make her school team. Our staff will help you reach the goals you have set.

We are Elite! Traditionally, the athletes within our program exemplify the utmost character, respect, and competitive spirit on and off the court. We are training our athletes to succeed today, but most importantly tomorrow, the next day, and 10 years from now. We want your athlete to enjoy playing the game of volleyball, use volleyball to get her to the next level in life, and kick some butt along the way.