Elite Volleyball Lessons

Our coaches take pride in focusing on the small detail while teaching the large picture of the game. At Elite we want to make each athlete a contender at whatever level they hope to attain. We use repetition training until we get it right.

8163 Business Way
Plain City, OH 43064

Private lesson: 1 athlete to 1 coach
Cost $65.00 per hour
(Privates with Randy Cline: $85)

Semi Private lesson: 2-4 athletes to 1 coach (Elite is not responsible for forming groups)
Cost $45.00/athlete per hour

Group Sessions: Anyone can join based on their level of experience. Athletes from all club affiliations are welcome. Group sessions are geared toward a 3 contact focus with athletes working within their position or goals for the day. Instructions on How to Modify or Add Sessions

Use the links below to schedule a lesson. Reach out to us if you would like a different time, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Online reservations must be completed 4 hours prior to the lesson time. Call us or email your coach if you would like a lesson within the next 4 hours.

All small group sessions can be used for Team Lesson times. Just coordinate with your teammates on the day and time, and each parent can register his or her athlete online. You can book with a specific coach through their links below, or just pick a time during the Team Lesson link and a coach will be assigned to your group. Remember, you can always add additions sessions, but you will need to Modify your existing enrollment through the instructions found at the link below:

Instructions on How to Modify or Add Sessions

Use the form below if you need a different time or coach