Elite Volleyball Girls Tryouts

Expected Teams for 2017-18 Season

This page gives you details on tryout times, required paperwork, and a list of teams we will be offering for the 2017-18 season. Visit the Girls Team page to learn more about cost. We will continue to update that page with tournament details and practice times as that information becomes available.

Tryout Dates and Times

Age GroupDateTimeCheck-in Starts
10 and underSaturday, October 285:00-7:00pm4:15pm
11 and underSaturday, October 285:00-7:00pm4:15pm
12 and underSaturday, October 282:00-4:00pm1:15pm
13 and underFriday, October 275:00-7:00pm4:15pm
14 and underFriday, October 278:00-10:00pm7:30pm
15 and underSunday, November 129:00-11:00am8:15am
16 and underSunday, November 1212:30pm-2:30pm11:15am
17 and underSunday, November 124:00-6:00pm3:15pm

Call Back/Make-up Tryouts

These dates are intended for athletes that Elite Volleyball Training Center has asked to return for a call-back tryout, or for the athlete who had a conflict during the original tryout. If your athlete attended the original tryout date, she will be informed on that date if she should return to this tryout.

Age GroupMake-up DateMake-up Time
10 and underSunday, October 2911:00 am-12:30pm
11 and underSunday, October 2911:00 am-12:30pm
12 and underSunday, October 291:30-3:00pm
13 and underSaturday, October 289:00-10:00am
14 and underSaturday, October 2810:30-11:30am
15 and underTBATBA
16 and underTBATBA
17 and underTBATBA

Required Paperwork:

You will need to have the following paperwork and fees completed prior to the day of tryouts. We request that you mail or bring the paperwork in 10 days prior to the tryout.

* All tryout profits are donated in a scholarship to celebrate the life of  Diane Barcus.

Mail to EliteVBTC, 8185 Business Way, Plain City OH 43064

10 and Under Teams

There will be one team in the 10 and under age group:

10U Black Team: Regional Level, Coach Jackie Cline, Played for The Ohio State University and Co-Director of EliteVBTC

11 and Under Teams

There will be 2 teams in the 11 and under age group:
11U  Black Team: Regional Level, Gweyn Zechman: 20 years college coaching experience including at The Ohio State University
11U Blue Team: Regional Level, Molly Davis

12 and Under Teams

There will be 3 teams in the 12 and under  age group:

12U Black Team: National Level, Coach Emma Morrison, Played at University of Charleston West Virginia
12U Blue Team: Coach John Wilder
12U White Team: Coach Darby Slavin

13 and Under Teams

There will be 4 teams in the 13 and under age group:

13U Black Team: National Level, Coach Erin Sekinger
13U Blue Team: National Level, Coach Ashlyn Leon, Beth Eippert
13U Pink Team: American Level Coach Sam Wawzyniak
13U White Team: Regional Level, Coach Elyssa Helker

14 and Under Teams

There will be 4 teams in the 14 and under age group:

14U Black Team: Open Level, Coach Sandra Borer/Randy Cline
14U Blue Team: National Level, Coach Leanne Schaefer
14U Pink Team: American Level, Coach Bethany Bentz
14U White Team: Regional Level, Coach Ryann Genn

15 and Under Teams

There will be 3 teams in the 15 and under age group:

15U Black Team: Open Level, Coach Mike Froehlich
15U Blue Team: National Level, Coach Chris VanArsdale
15U Pink Team: American Level, Coach Isolde Hannan

16 and Under Teams

There will be 3 teams in the 16 and under age group:

16U Black Team: Open Level, Coach Randy Cline
16U Blue Team: National Level, Coach Taylor Williams
16U Pink Team: National Level, Coach Nikki Daugherty

17 and Under Teams

There will be 2 teams in the 17 and under age group:

17U Black Team: Open Level, Coach Luke Maloney, Assistant Christy Blough
17U Blue Team: National Level, Coach Rob Samp

18 and Under Teams

There will be 2 teams in the 18 and under age group:

18U Black Team: Open Level, Coach Chelsea Noble
18U Blue Team: Open Level, Coach Katie Welsh